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The Company
          A wealth of experience gained since   1995 of Cooling Tower, has contributed to a profound understanding of our   customers’ need with respect to high quality products and services at   reasonable price. B.K.K. Cooling & Engineering is the Internal & International   Leader in the Production and Supply of Quality Parts of Cooling Tower with   our "Quality and Service First”.

          With more than 10 offices situated   in 15 countries worldwide, our global supply and export experience will   ensure all your fulfilled needs. Our continued success is a testament to our   staunch commitment to providing the highest level of quality and service to   our customers around the world. Together with the member of Cooling Tower  Institute (CTI member). BKK follow the ISO 9001 : 2015 Norm and have Certified by TUV SUD. We became the leading Cooling   Tower manufacture and service in Thailand and world wild also. We have 3 main products & services as below :
1. Cooling Tower and Parts
     1.1 Induced Draft Counter Flow
          1.1.1) BKC-SERIES “Bottle Type”
          1.1.2) BKC-PT-SERIES “Square Type”
          1.1.3) BKC-CC-SERIES “Concrete   Type”

    1.2Induced Draft Cross Flow      
          1.2.1) BKC-S-SERIES “Square Type”
          1.2.2) BKC-M-SERIES “Wood Type”
          1.2.3) BKC-SC-SERIES “Concrete   Type”

     1.3Closed Type Cooling Tower (Copper Tube)  
          1.3.1) BKC-C-SERIES “Close Type”

2. Fiberglass Reinforced   Polyester (FRP) Products
     2.1 Design & produce
     2.2 Coat Well or Chemical Tank with FRP
     2.3 Water Tank, Chemical Tank etc.

3.  Design in HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical   System

          Our Mission and Policy for ISO-9001 is to be the customer’s satisfied by engrossed and productive Cooling Tower with qualities. Decrease lost of production, punctuality delivered with our best.


BKK is the number one cooling tower company that provide excellent service before and after.

Giving our client satisfaction through our service and information. Our team provides

professional outlook and knowledge for all our customer’s need. Whatever type of job

our customer require we provide with intimate detail’s letting our customer gain new information

and new experience in cooling tower technology. Caring for all our customer both local and international.


We are always ready to support our client
at once. From consulting and designing 
providing quotation. We provide full 
service system with fast and high quality 
in a short period of time. We do respect 
every job and make it ready on time.


service support with high   solution
B.K.K. Cooling Tower has a skilled team
of engineering ,production &  construction
who are able to undertake  repairs and
reconditioning of your cooling tower


We provide best after service and recheck 
all machine every 3 month in 1 year 

without condition with no cost from our 

standard team. We also provide 1 year 

insurance for new machine. If client has 

any problem with our machine, we are 

ready to solve all kind of problem with best solution.


B.K.K. Cooling Tower  Follow 
ISO Measument Unit , for every 
Engineering Department  


B.K.K. Cooling Tower performance method 
mentioned herein is in accordance to CTI   
Acceptance During the performance test, 
where  the  design  conditions  for  the 
cooling  tower  permissible  range  of 
variation from these design conditions to be adopted.



B.K.K. Cooling Tower have certificate 
Field-Test-Result by the honor 
Department of Mechanical  
Engineering Faculty of Engineering King Mongkut’s 
Institute of Technology  Ladkrabang (KMITL).

The Cooling Tower
with Hight Quality

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